The Parking Lot


1. ON SUNDAYS, there is no charge to park.

2. DURING CHURCH SPONSORED FUNCTIONS, members and visitors may park on the lot at no charge only while in First Presbyterian. If downtown event parking is underway, merely indicate your intention to the lot attendant. If an attendant should question you, please be courteous and understand they are only doing their job.

3. DURING THE WEEK, downtown businesses, the First Church Apartment residents and First Presbyterian Church (FPC) staff will occupy the lot. While FPC will have parking spots available for visitors who come for church business during the week, if you are coming downtown for reasons outside church business, the regular hourly or event rate will be in effect. The good news is that a large percentage of your hourly payment will go back to FPC through our agreement with Central Parking! So encourage your friends to park in our lot!!

Parking Map