Legacy Giving at FPC

A legacy that shines a light in the darkness.

Highly committed people make the difference in our congregation. By their faithful stewardship they make the difference, year after year. So what happens when, in the natural course of life we experience the life of faith that ends in death for each of us? What happens after we gather in celebration of a faithful life well lived?

  • As an estate is settled, as the steps towards a completed distribution are made the congregation continues to receive from the first distribution an amount equal to the familiar pattern of giving during
  • When the final distribution is made then giving to current funding from prior distributions
  • The gift is distributed to our Enduring Witness Funds according to a formula reviewed by the Session.

How the Funds are Distributed

The Building Fund receives 80% of the total gift. This fund must maintain a minimum threshold of  $1,000,000.  Annual distributions are made from this fund for authorized properties expenses in the amount of 5% of a 12 quarter moving average.

The Faith in Action Fund receives 10% of the total gift. The corpus of this fund is inviolable in perpetuity. Annual distributions (5% of a 12 quarter moving average) are made from this fund to support the full spectrum of ministry and program that has meant so much to all of our members over the course of their days.

The Cornerstone Fund receives 10% of the total gift. This fund is completely expendable and distributions vary widely as new opportunities to engage the community appear and are assessed by the elder commissioners of the Cornerstone Commission.

Fund Distribution Graph