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The Artwork of Jacqueline Schwartz

Artist Statement

Jacqueline Schwartz


Art has played a major role in my life and in my home; I have collected art since 1965.  It was in 2008, that I took brush in hand and thought perhaps I could be an artist, too.  Maybe through study and practice I could produce a painting.  It was not that I minimized what it takes to be an artist; I just wanted to give it a try.  Once I retired from nursing I studied watercolor with Joe Fettingus, Jill Plaisted, Pat Lawrence, Joe Schrum and Nancy Neville.

Art has connected me with people, and wonderful relationships have developed.   Both art and relationships take time and nurturing. When conversations emerge, likenesses are discovered, and friendships sprout and grow.

Art introduced me to Holly Salisbury early this year, and she agreed to mentor me in the use of pastels.  As director of the Singletary Center of the Arts at the University of Kentucky, Holly had a long and successful career as she promoted arts in our community.  With retirement she returned to teaching, working with more than 30 students (ages ranging from 8 to 80) at any given time.

Art, music and relationships have added significance to my life that make each day exciting and meaningful. As I recently had a birthday I cannot think of a better gift to myself than to continue study and enjoyment of the arts.  I hope my art is a gift of pleasure and delight to others.

This exhibit and body of work in pastels are dedicated to the memory of Holly Salisbury.