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January – February 2018

Gallery Hop on January 19th!

The artwork of Mitchell Curd

Artist Statement:

1/2 Dozen Roses

I have been painting for roughly ten years as a means to escape, to ease the pain of living, or to play like a little child coloring outside the lines.  I still remember the first fine piece of art I purchased from an art gallery in Houston, Texas.  A red square with a single white line cutting through the paint.  The simplistic complexity of the piece resonated both with my eyes and my heart.  It spoke very loudly to me almost as soon as I stepped through the doorway.

The Beauty of Trees

My skin holds much memory.  The paint, brushes, canvas, color and palette kneves allow me to make sense of this memory.  Some of the pieces in this exhibit were created in a maniacal storm, some methodically planned out and still others allowed to go where they wanted to go…the process being the creative force, much like tv on the road, the radio or time spent waltzing alone in the kitchen.  Sometimes when I paint it’s like I dipped in, grabbed one dream and got out.

The Sense of Ending

May you enjoy the exhibit.  May one or two pieces or the entire show speak to you; stirring up an emotional response or a guttural reaction.  I feel art in any form is meant to be felt, and absorbed.

Get Out of Your Head

Wisdom tells me I

am nothing

love tells me I am


And between the two my life flows

-Nisargadatta Maharaj

I am humbly grateful for your presence.