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March-April 2018

Gallery Hop on March 16th!

Sarah Davis ~ Alice Taylor ~ Eric Iversen



 Pretty in Pink

Sarah Davis

This is what I call my happy place while standing at the easel and discovering light,shape and color…
The beauty in each object!


 From the Garden

Alice Taylor

I took art classes at Newcomb/Tulane University and at the University of Kentucky.  I took part in portrait and life drawing groups with Pat de Camp.

Recently, I’ve been a partner in Upper Crust Gallery, 110 North Upper Street.


Eric Iversen

“The Breadth and Length and Height and Depth” to borrow a phrase from St Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians (3:18-19),

16th St. Baptist, Birmingham, Alabama

I am a student of oil painting –
with materials, including –

Paint, Brushes, Canvas –
Pallette, Easel, Ballcap –
in Demo, Lunch, Workshop –

accompanied, (among fellow students), by –
a Teacher, a Mentor, a Friend –

Mary Neely,
Hedi Moran,
Roger Dale Brown,

with Red, Yellow, Blue –
Light and Shadow –

as we Saunter, as Pilgrims,
on a Journey –
and we journal
with these materials,
among this company –

to experience-
by painterly
Cipher and Caligraphy,
Shape and Mass –
the Gesture and Contour –
of the subject,
borne before us,

in mind,

and imagination.


Eric Iversen’s reflection on his painting, “16th St. Baptist, Birmingham, Alabama”:

In March of 2017 Chester and Ann Grundy guided 40 of us on the Hope and History Tour of newly designated National Historical Civil Rights Sites in Alabama.  The tour was sponsored in part by the University of Kentucky Alumni Association.  The painting is my response to the experience of the Hope and History Tour.

It is my impression of the window in Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Birmingham which replaced the one shattered in the 1963 bombing of the church.  The window was given in solidarity with the 16th Street Baptist Church, by the over 3000 citizens of the Country of Wales.  On the original window is inscribed the words, “You Do It to Me.” Stained glass artist John Petts, states the figure in the window is both a Christ figure and also an Everyman figure. The Everyman represents the hundreds of young people of the Childrens March the summer of 1963. Hundreds participated in nonviolent advocacy of voting rights. They streamed out of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church onto Kelly Ingram Park across the street. They sang the Sunday School song –

“Jesus loves the little children,

All the children of the world.

“Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight.

“Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

The children were met by water cannon, and officers with trained dogs. The artist shows a young person caught by a watery blast from a firehose.  The TV images turned the tide of the voting rights legislation of the 1960s, which was passed by the U S Congress and signed by President L B Johnson.  The attorney successful in the prosecution and convictions in the 1963 bombing case is U S Senator Doug Jones.