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May – June 2018

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The Feminist Artists of Kentucky Presents….


“A Woman’s Story” – Trish Ayers

Trish Ayers began her artistic career studying as a photographer as an undergraduate and graduate student. Her photos were featured in numerous juried exhibitions. She continued as a creative, artistic, photographer while also operating a business copying old photographs. Health issues forced Trish to put photography aside, so she filled that void by visiting galleries and museums where ever she traveled. Four years ago, Trish challenged herself to pick up a paint brush. As a member of the Feminist Artists of Kentucky, her paintings, acrylic and mixed media, have been exhibited frequently. A number of her paintings have been sold as well. Trish lives in Berea, KY, where she continues to explore her love of painting and the arts.


“Kentucky Wonders” – Pat Jennings

Frequently inspired by nature, Pat Cheshire Jennings, a Berean, is an award winning fiber artist and painter. A retired social worker, she enjoys using her time to develop ideas that will benefit others through her art focusing on feminist, naturalist, and humane issues.

The Feminine Artists of Kentucky has been her outlet for art expression gaining strength and support from the group.  The purpose is to support deserving local as well as international programs while we are able to work our own creativity.  Currently, we are making journal covers to raise funds for The Ghana Project 2018.  This year, we also have earned funds to send to the Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief.  We invite you to like our Facebook page and support us with donations and well wishes for our efforts.


“Feminine Mystique” – Jackaline Pullum

Jackaline Pullum: I am always on the lookout for the goodness and beauty that can be found in our daily lives. I am especially drawn to the stories where hope can be found that most of us would simply overlook. All of my work contains a hidden “love letter” that is not always visible to the naked eye. *Some are hidden inside clay pieces to be found should they ever be broken. Hope- in a broken place. So look closely, and carry that looking with you into the world. It is my hope that you too will be able to find love letters when you most need them. After all, it is Love that heals us.


African Queen doll: “Amaya” – Mary Ann Shupe

Mary Ann Shupe is a retired costume designer who  worked for Berea College Theatre Laborat

ory for over thirty years. She resides in Berea, Kentucky with her husband Eddie and daughter Ami. She loves to sew and paint and is excited to learn new about new ideas and techniques.



“Warrior Woman” – Patricia Watkins

Patricia Watkins
Berea College. Art Major
University of Kentucky MSW
As a feminist artist and social activist, I use my work to shine a light on gender inequalities, poverty, animal rights. As part of the Feminist Artist of Kentucky, we put our art together, plan exhibit with proceeds going to international and local non-profits.




“Fragile Still” – Valeria Watkins

Valeria Watkins

Abstract Artist

As a Kentucky based African American Artist residing in Berea, I have shown my work in solo and group exhibits for the last five years. Being a member of the Feminist Artist of Kentucky has afforded the opportunity to contribute and show various works for many exhibits, projects and fundraisers.

All paintings are in acrylic I have added oil pastels to some of the images and they are identified as multi media. I love color and I love seeing how colors can interact, intersect and connect with each other as they flow without intention.

I work hard at stepping outside the frame of my personal idea of what is correct and incorrect to

allow the colors to find their own boundaries and connections. My process begins with meditation.  It is from that space of stillness that I first engaged the creative process and I maintain this stillness until there is a finished canvas.

The more I spend time painting, the more I feel the energy of the combinations of colors and the rhythm they create when combined. And I fall in love all over again. I don’t see images and I don’t try to do… something. My intention is to allow my intuition to be my guide from beginning to end.

Thank you for viewing this work.