Montreat Middle School Conference 2017

Five fabulous middlers (all exiting 6th grade girls) made the trip to Maryville College last week to participate in Montreat’s Middle School Conference.  This year’s theme was Hope is Happening.  The youth were challenged to look for hope in darkness as well as seeking for ways they can be and provide hope to all of God’s children.  Every night of the conference we gathered and reflected on what they heard and did.  On their last night of the conference the Fab Five sat together and wrote down their thoughts to share with all of you…

Claire Abraham: It was so much fun and I also learned an incredible amount each day during Keynote (which is a mini sermon) and during worship. I also learned how great God is and how much He loves us.  I also learned that no matter what you do, or now many sins you have committed you are forgiven.  What really inspired me is how hope takes on a big role in our lives.  What does hope mean to you?  There isn’t a right answer or a wrong answer.

My first wish for my FPC group is that we need to start realizing that kids ages 10 and older want to learn about God.  We want to know what God and his disciples have done to save us.  In the end, I realized you can have fun and learn so much in 4 days.  I want you to keep asking yourself, “What does hope mean?”  Thank you for sending me!

Harper Siria: My favorite things in small group when played names games, and the Variety Show.  It was cool and fun to join along with the people singing.  I appreciated when the Keynote speaker, Monica, talked about her middle school years and how she went to a new school and how it was difficult for her.  Monica shared a story of hope where an older sister helped her brother to heal from his Sickle Cell Disease.  This made me feel hopeful!

Megan Mullins: On the first day was talked about how hope shakes things up.  On the second day, we talked about hope in the midst of hopelessness; the third day we talked about hope in action. Finally, we ended our conference with living into hope.  I have to say I love the games in small group. Worship was boring, but it was fun because we got to sing.  This is going to be the best mission trip.  It opened people’s eyes to help people.  Like in Haiti, we can give them hope by helping the students receive an education.  This opened my eyes.  I will tell everyone about Montreat.  I have learned so much about the Bible.

BailyOoten: I really like the Keynote speaker, Monica.  I liked when she told us about Kyle and his sister who donated her bone marrow to him to save his life.  I also liked the song we sung called My Lighthouse.  I liked meeting people from other states.

Maddie Powell: For 5 days, I was in Maryville, Tennessee.  I was with seven people and I had the time of my life.  The theme was “Hope is Happening.” To me that means that people are believing in the Lord that everything will be ok.  One of my favorite things was the keynote each morning after breakfast.  We started with energizers.  Energizers are dances to wake you up in the morning.  I learned that I like energizers.  Then we were led in song by Jorge.  One of my favorite songs that we sang was “My Lighthouse” (  Singing gave me hope that I can sing!  The keynote speaker, Monica, explains the theme and it helped make total sense to me.  God puts us in a place where we will eventually find hope from other people around us or from ourselves.

Julia McCorvey and I agree that this was an absolutely joyful group of girls!  Their energy was endless and their laughter was infectious.  They engaged in every activity and had great attitudes despite the 100+ degree heat indices!  Thank you for sending these girls to learn more about their faith among 600 other middlers in our denomination.  They made lots of new friends and asked lots of questions.  I challenged them to take this curious energy into LOGOS this fall and challenge their fellow FPC middlers to dig deeper with their questions of faith.  I’m hopeful they will.  Thank you!