Caitlin Foehse’s Sabbatical Plans

Dear Friends and Members of First Presbyterian Church,

After six years serving this congregation, Caitlin Foehse is taking a well-deserved sabbatical this fall from September 1st-December 5th.  Sabbaticals at First Presbyterian are supported by a Sabbatical Fund set up in 2012.  It has been used twice since for sabbaticals and each time, friends and members of the congregation contributed to the fund.  On each occasion the church made a portion of the fund available to cover many of the costs of the sabbatical.

Pastors are essential to nurture and sustain the spiritual vitality of Christian congregations and are called on to play many roles in leading congregations.  The job is demanding, and requires pastors remain in touch with the source of their life and strength.  Good pastors need time to renew and refresh spiritual energies and regain their enthusiasm and creativity for ministry.  Caitlin plans to spend September in Colorado rediscovering the roots of her call and strengthening her relationships with family and friends.  She will rest, hike and read. In October, she will travel in Italy and Greece rediscovering her joy for painting, travel and living simply.  In November, she will find someplace warm to reflect on her ministries and her experiences.  She sees it as a time for reading and writing.

While Caitlin is on sabbatical, the Rev. Katherine Redmond and Rev. Mary Reed will help lead in worship and offer pastoral care.  Both bring a passion for ministry and have found a home at First Presbyterian Church.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to talking with you!

Sabbatical Planning Team,

Clifton Smith, 859.268.2813

Ann Render, 859.269.7922

Ann-Phillips Mayfield, 859.269.9871

Jan Guy, 859.229.6064