Adult Forum Class: Reading the Prophets in the 21st Century

Begins Sunday, September 10th

The prophets of the Old Testament were immersed in the religious, political and social realities of their own times, in some ways so different from ours. And yet they spoke to them so powerfully that their words echo across the centuries to today. Although their words are not our own, their speeches still can powerfully illuminate our contemporary questions. The prophets were carriers of a powerful vision and hope for what human life together on this planet could be. This class will help you hear the accents of these ancient voices so you can bring their sense-making power to our own deep questions and struggles.

Dr. Richard Weis, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean and Professor of Hebrew Bible, Lexington Theological Seminary

Ordained in the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. in 1974, and now a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Dr. Weis served pastorates in New Jersey and California, and has been parish associate for congregations in New Jersey and Minnesota.  Throughout his subsequent career in theological education, Dr. Weis has been active in regional manifestations of the church, and has been in demand as a teacher and preacher.  While in graduate school he also served as the director of the Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center in Claremont, CA.

Prior to going to Lexington Theological Seminary, Dr. Weis served on the faculties and as Dean of New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, NJ (1987-1998) and the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in New Brighton, MN (1998-2011).  At New Brunswick Seminary he taught the introductory course in Old Testament, Hebrew, Hebrew exegesis, and a variety of topical courses including courses on the Prophets, Jeremiah, Feminist/Womanist Interpretation, and the city and the Hebrew Bible.  At United he taught similar courses as well as the basic course introducing students to theological reflection.

Dr. Weis is a scholar of international reputation, specializing in textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible and the study of the book of Jeremiah.  He is the only one of the nine general editors of Biblia Hebraica Quinta from an American institution.  Published by the German Bible Society, this ground-breaking new edition of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament represents a revolutionary advance over previous editions of its type, and will provide the Hebrew text of the Bible used by the next generation of scholars, translators, pastors and students.  In addition to his publications in textual criticism, Weis is immersed in a multi-pronged project on the book of Jeremiah, which ultimately will issue in three separate books: the volume on Jeremiah in Biblia Hebraica Quinta, a commentary on Jeremiah for the Forms of the Old Testament Literature Series, and a commentary on the ancient Greek translation of the book for the SBL Septuagint Commentary.