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In the Gallery“Beauty, Joy and Laughter” 
The artwork of Debbie Graviss

March-April 2017

Artist Statement

As an artist I am fascinated by the wonderful orchestration found in nature. The exquisite dance between light and shadow, color and texture, and positive and negative shapes, reflects the genius and loving generosity of God as Creator. Natural beauty and order are both deeply satisfying and awe inspiring. The expression of wonder and gratitude is what continually motivates me to return to the easel.

With the inordinate pressure on our culture to become super efficient and productive, I feel my role as an artist is even more essential in offering an alternative. The seeming simplicity of a bloom is elegantly complex when studied closely. I enjoy slowing down, taking time to be aware and truly appreciate those with whom we share our lives, be they two-legged, four-legged or “stemmed.” Noticing the extraordinary, aesthetic design of the everyday that surrounds us restores our souls and brings richness to life.

Soft pastel is my preferred medium because it allows me the most freedom to express what moves me. I delight in the tactile sensation of the pastel stick, rendering fluid marks on the various, textured surfaces of the substrates. I liken the experience to painting with rich, creamy butter. The nature of pastel offers instantaneous color and texture allowing a meditative approach to my work. I settle into a zone, working intuitively, responding to my subject matter and the natural rhythm and progression of the painting. The more spontaneous my approach, the less I “over-think” the painting. Instinct guides which sticks of color to choose and where to lay my marks on the canvas.

It is my hope that the viewer might enjoy beauty, joy and laughter as they experinece my art.