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In the Gallery“Ebb and Flow of Light and Water,” 
Recent Paintings of Helen Powell

January-February 2017

Artist Statement
My association with landscapes began when I was a child. I tagged along with my father on hikes in the rugged northwest Georgia ridge and valley country. Whether we were bird watching in the floodplain of the Etowah River or climbing up cliffs to observe rock formations, I felt very at home in the outdoors. That time in the woods and fields had a major impact on me. My interests in ecology and history merged when I became a landscape architect. My career was spent as the owner and principal of a small consulting firm which focused upon the interplay of nature and human history.

Now, as an artist and avid plein air painter, I’m once again drawn to the wild places and rougher terrain. I gravitate to the palisades and rocky tributaries of the Kentucky River, the cliffs of the Red River Gorge, and the twists and turns of the Elkhorn. I feel most alive watching and interpreting the seasonal effects of light on the landscape.